Restaurant textiles are a part of high-quality customer experience

Restaurant textiles play a significant role in creating the right atmosphere and image as well as in the quality experience of the customer. With the help of our flexible and cost-efficient rental service, you always have sufficient clean textiles available to you without the expenses caused by material acquisition and storage.

With the help of our vast collection, you can easily build a look and atmosphere suited to your restaurant and can also opt for the customised pattern. You can complement the look with mats and hygiene equipment.

Benefits of our service

Classically elegant, Meditarranean casual or hip urban? High-quality textiles ensure the fullfillment of pursued customer experience. Textiles build up the quality image and atmosphere.

We clean and maintain the textiles at agreed intervals  – your restaurant staff is free to take care of the customers and we will take care of everything else. Our service is flexible to seasonal changes.

As a rental textile customer, you don’t have to invest in textile procurement, maintenance and storage. You can also save in laundry expenses by taking into use stain-resistant OptimaPro® table cloths – they require less frequent washes compared to regular table cloths.


Our rental service is an environmental friendly option. We develop our washing and logistics processes constantly in order to be able to produce our service as environmentally friendly as possible.

Likaa hylkivat poytaliinat

Stain-resistant OptimaPro® table cloths


Puuvillaiset poytaliinat

Extensive ready-made collection of cotton products


Design poytaiinat ja lautasliinat

Customised patterns

This is how our service works


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Needs assesment and procurement

We start our service with a needs assesment where we can also determine the needed delivery frequency. We will take care of the textile procurement for you and make sure that you will have high-quality and ecologically sustainable products.

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Laundry and maintenance

We will wash all textiles at agreed intervals and make sure you always ave enough clean textiles at your use.

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We will deliver clean textiles to the designated place and take used textiles into laundry. We make sure that you clean textile supply is always sufficient.

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Storage and disposal

Our service is flexible for seasonal changes so we can store textiles for you. We take care of textile recycling and sustainable disposal of discarded textiles.