The most important feature of an entrance is a mat

We offer as a rental mat service an easy and affordable solution that keeps the look of your company in tip-top shape every single day. Our ample selection covers doormats, ergonomic mats, corridor mats, traditional rubber mats and mud mats as well as stylish solutions that suit your corporate image. A rental mat is an affordable way of improving the cleanliness of the property.

Standard mat

Our rental nylon, cotton and micro cotton -pile standard mats help keep premises clean by keeping out sand, mud and loose dirt. Thanks to their rubber backing, the mats also stay in place, which increases safety.

Our selection also includes an environmentally-friendly, econylon nylon mat, where the nylon pile has been manufactured of recycled material.


Design mat

Our design mats help you increase the attractiveness of your premises and enable you to decorate impressively with the look that suits your company best. You will get the exact colours, logos, patterns or even messages that you want in your mats.  In addition to the rectangle shape, our collection has round mats, hexagonal or even oval – we have a mat for all premises!

See our design mat patterns here.

See what you can do with our shape mats here.


Ergonomic mat

Our high-tech Ergonomic mats increase the safety and comfort of workspaces. They decrease the strain on the back and joints by helping employees stay in a natural standing position.

The Ergonomic mat is designed for placement behind service counters or similar stations with a lot of to-and-fro movement.  The Ergonomic mat softens steps and helps to reduce strain on the back and joints.

The Ergonomic mat is part of our rental mat collection, but you can also purchase Ergonomic mats for your company!

Super ergonomic mat

The Super Ergonomic mat is ideal for workstations where employees stand for long periods; it minimises strain on the lower back and joints. The Super Ergonomic mat is assembled from sections, so a mat of suitable size can be built for any space.

The Super Ergonomic mat is a sales-only product.

Promo Design mat

The Promo Design mat is ideal for large and very demanding premises. Up to 20 metres long, the Promo Design mat helps create visibility and an imposing effect, and can be made with any pattern. Promo Design mat is a sales product.

The mats are also suited to all locations that are not compatible with our rental mat services, such as under furniture.


Entrance mats

The entrance mat stops the heavy grit and water that is carried in through the front doors. Its surface texture prevents slipping, which is an important safety factor.






Industrial mat

Our rental nylon and cotton-pile industrial mats help keep premises clean by keeping out sand, mud and loose dirt. Thanks to their rubber backing, the mats also stay in place, which increases safety. Our industrial mats are excellent for locations where the risk of getting dirty is high and a lot is expected in terms of dirt binding.




Mop service

Our always-ready mop service helps finish all premises – quickly and discreetly. The mops are quick and light to use and do not harm floor surfaces. Our service ensures that there are always sufficient ready-to-use mops available. Our service always includes a locked locker for storing the products.