Smart Washroom – towards a better customer experience

Our Smart Washroom service includes smart hand towel dispensers, which help improve customer satisfaction and optimise cleaning costs.   Smart Washroom – our service helps your company get your sanitary facilities into tip-top shape easily and effortlessly.

Happy customers spend more time than average on the premises, spend more money and also recommend your facilities, services and products to others. We can help you boost the image of your sanitary facilities comprehensively. Clean and neat sanitary facilities also create a cleaner and more hygienic image of the entire premises; they improve customer satisfaction.

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Sanitary facilities influence customer experience*

• 30% of customers feel that the cleanliness of toilet facilities influences their choice of shopping venue.
• 66% of customers would recommend a shopping venue based on the cleanliness of the toilet facilities.
• 48% of customers remember the level of cleanliness of the toilet facilities.
• Sales grow by +1.3% when a customer spends 1% longer at the shopping centre.

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* Studies: Study carried out in 2015 by Ediste Oy for Lindström and Linking measures of customer satisfaction, value and loyalty to financial performance, Burke Institute, 2004.

Communicates and measures customer satisfaction

The smart display from our hygiene product services also facilitates customer surveys and satisfaction measurement. You will receive up-to-date information and feedback from the users of hand towel rolls. The interactive display on the hand towel roll achieves twice the response rate of normal surveys! You can control the interactive display on the hand towel rolls yourself. The display provides an excellent channel for advertising and communications.


Helps maintain cleanliness

The hand towel dispensers in the sanitary facilities help keep the facilities clean and hygienic more easily and ecologically than conventional towel dispensers or air hand dryers.

Because our hand towel dispensers feature the latest smart technology, the cleaning company and facilities manager will receive current information about the consumption of each towel roll that is in use via a mobile application. This reduces unnecessary visits to check the facilities and improves the efficiency of cleaning. Studies show that clean sanitary facilities increase customers’ satisfaction with the entire building.


Helps optimise cleaning costs

The Smart Washroom service measures the consumption of the hand towel roll and lets you know the service level at a glance. The hand towel roll is only replaced when it has been used up, eliminating unnecessary roll replacement.