Paradise product family

With the uniform Paradise dispensers, you can bring style to your sanitary and social facilities. The collection includes the cotton towel, folded paper, toilet paper, foam soap and soap dispensers as well as the air freshener and toilet seat disinfection spray. The products are available with either a white, black, red, silver or steel surface.


Our good basic products – Basic dispensers

Our good basic products are available in the Basic product family. The collection includes the Basic cotton towel, folded paper, toilet paper, foam soap and soap dispensers as well as the Easy Cut roll paper dispensers for facilities where the use of cotton towels is not possible.



Customised solutions according to the corporate image

Products customised for your company send a strong message. We can coat dispensers with the colour, pattern, logo or even a photograph of your choosing. The result is a unique equipment solution that truly suits your company.



HYGIBOX service

A container to be placed next to the toilet seat for sanitary towels and tampons. The service system includes the regular emptying and container replacements.






Soap and sanitizer dispensers for toilet and social facilities.






Toilet paper dispensers and papers.




Hand towel rolls

Hygienic cotton hand towel rolls.





Biozone Aircare

An air freshener that effectively removes odours and odour-forming microbes from indoor air and surfaces. The service system includes installation, regular cleaning and lamp replacements as well as maintenance.




A cleaning and maintenance system for urinals and toilet seats. The service system includes the installation, regular refills and maintenance.