Textile services for hotels and health care

Lindström offers textile services to hotels and the health care field via its subsidiary Comforta.

Our collections include pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, terry towels, bath mats as well as luxuriously soft bathrobes. The comprehensive service includes the needs assessment and design, textile acquisition, renting, storage, maintenance, delivery, product replacement, recycling and disposal.

It is our goal to ensure the comfort of your guests and the satisfaction of your personnel with reliable and flexible textile services. Our clientele includes both major hotel chains and smaller specialised hotels.

Comforta´s all-inclusive service concept covers all your textile service needs in hotel and restaurant business. Our long-time experience in hotel business guarantees reliable service for our customers. Our service is fast and flexible and it can be modified and complemented according to your company’s needs.

Benefits of our service

You do not need to invest in textile acquisition or storage. By acquiring professional service, you save both time and resources.

Our service adapts well to seasonal variations. You do not need to worry about having enough textiles, even at the busiest of times.

Top quality and well cared for textiles ensure the comfort of your guests and a great customer experience.


Corporate social responsibility is part of our operating philosophy. We choose ecologically sustainable materials and minimise the environmental impact in textile care and disposal.


Hotel textiles

Comforta´s mission is to provide reliable and flexible textile services that guarantee the satisfaction of your hotel and restaurant guests. Comforta´s extensive hotel linen range covers high quality bed linens, soft terry towels and luxury bath robes.



Restaurant textiles

Comforta´s table linen reinforces the character of your hotel restaurant and your desired corporate image. Comforta has a wide range of materials from cotton to modern coated fabrics. You can choose from our standard textiles or tailor-made solutions.


Pyyhkeet ja kylpytakit

Healthcare textiles

We also provide textile service solutions for both public and private hospitals and as well as health care centers in Finland. Outsourcing and all-inclusive textile service is a cost-effective alternative for public sector.

This is how our service works

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Planning and procurement

The planning process is an essential starting point for a reliable and high-quality service. We find out which textiles the customer´s facilities require, and then we refine the process and calculate the right distribution frequency and supply quantities.

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Laundry and maintenance

Material supply takes care of purchasing carefully selected high-quality and ecologically sustainable textiles on your behalf over the entire agreement period. Textile maintenance has been refined over decades of experience; it is cost-effective and strongly emphasizes textile quality a nd environmental aspects.

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Our service representatives will deliver you clean textiles at greed intervals and take used textiles into laundry. You will always have access to sufficient quantities of textiles.

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Storage and disposal

Customer service provides you with a dedicated contact person, offering instructions and support and a base for modifying and developing your service as required. Our services is flexible and suits different kind of seasonal needs. At low season we will store all extra textiles on your behalf. We also take care of the disposal of used textiles and make sure they are recycled sustainably.